What's Cookin': The Art21ndex

What’s Cookin at Art21: A Weekly Index


Hungry? Here’s some arty brain food for you all…

  • “Sometimes the most interesting thing about an artist is the disparity between their work and the established perception of it. Eva Hesse, the late German-American sculptor of ratty latex and dog-eared fiberglass, has suffered from what Nabokov called ‘dotting every i with the author’s head….'” Ben Street writes to us from London in Part II of Hot Scots.
  • It’s the start of the gallery season!  If you’re in New York, what openings did you hit up last night? There’s still much to see this weekend! Thanks for the update, Trong.
  • “Breaking free of routines, while at the same time making investigation and inquiry part of the first few days, can kick things off in surprising ways…” Another beautiful post by Joe Fusaro in the weekly column, Teaching with Contemporary Art.
  • PLAY ART LOUD: Creating Characters on ArtBabble
    Works by: Pierre Huyghe, Joshua Mosley, Catherine Sullivan, Eleanor Antin, Tara Tucker, Marci Washington, and more!
  • “Lecturing doesn’t do it, you have to see the light in the students’ eyes that they get it.” Meet John Baldessari in this Season 5 sneak preview.
  • Have you been to the Brooklyn Museum to see the Yinka Shonibare MBE exhibition yet? Erin Riley-Lopez asks some pertinent questions in this review.
  • A body that is once imaginary and hyper-real? Blogger Dehlia Hannah “thinks on” the relationship between the intersection of art and science alongside with the works currently on view at the International Museum of Surgical Science in Chicago, Anatomy in the Gallery.
  • Art21 Exclusive: Artist Ida Applebroog discusses the differences between making work and living in New York City versus her home in upstate New York
  • New Flashpoints Topic! Introducting Systems
  • It’s the BOMB: Check out this vintage interview with Barbara Kruger by Richard Prince.

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