New guest blogger: Bryce Dwyer

Bryce Bio

Thanks to Max Weintraub for his considerate and considerable series of posts on Sally Mann, Roxy Paine, Salvador Dali, and the Pictures Generation (don’t miss the lengthy debate that ensued in the comments on this one).

Up next through October 4 is Chicago-based Bryce Dwyer. Bryce is in the final year of the Modern Art History, Theory and Criticism and Arts Administration and Policy graduate program at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He spent this past summer in Providence, Rhode Island, researching unconventional residencies at the Alliance of Artists Communities and assembling an archive of AS220’s artists-in-residence program. He is one of the co-directors of the Institute for Community Understanding Between Art and the Everyday (InCUBATE), a research group dedicated to exploring and documenting experimental approaches to arts administration and arts funding. InCUBATE produces and participates in exhibitions, runs a residency program, co-manages a storefront, and puts on public programs. He recently published an essay, “Belgianness and Tactical Nationhood,” in the inaugural issue of Motherwell and, with InCUBATE, will be collaborating with Randall Szott for a public programming series called “In Search of the Mundane” at Chicago’s threewalls in October and November.