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Art21 Access ’09 Happenings | Thursday, October 1, 2009


36 screenings are taking place today around the world, from Seattle to Mexico and India! For complete details on venues and programs, visit

Thursday, October 1

9:00am Plains Art Museum (Compassion)
9:00am Thomas Simpson High School (Systems)
12:15pm Columbia College (Compassion)
12:30pm University of Oklahoma School of Art & Art History (Compassion)
2:00pm Concordia University (Compassion)
2:00pm Stephen Lewis Secondary School (Transformation)
3:30pm Kendall College of Art and Design (Compassion)
3:30pm Rhode Island Art Education Association and Mt Hope High School (Compassion)
4:00pm Blaffer Gallery (Transformation)
5:00pm George Westinghouse High School, Chicago Public Schools (Compassion)
5:30pm Chazen Museum of Art (Compassion)
5:30pm College of Architecture, Texas A&M University (Fantasy)
6:00pm Arts Place, Inc. (Compassion)
6:00pm Dallas Contemporary (Compassion)
6:00pm Gallery 400 at UIC (Systems)
6:00pm KEET-TV (Compassion)
6:00pm Madison Museum of Fine Art (Compassion)
6:00pm Morris Museum of Art (Systems)
6:00pm Museum of Contemporary Art (Systems)
6:00pm New Mexico Highlands University, Media Arts Dept. (Compassion)
6:00pm The Art Institute of Chicago (Compassion)
6:00pm Universidad Autonoma de Ciudad Juarez (Compassion)
6:30pm Montclair Art Museum (Systems)
6:30pm Museum of Art, University of New Hampshire (Fantasy)
7:00pm Art, Resources and Teaching (A.R.T.) trust (Compassion)
7:00pm Cedar Rapids Museum of Art (Compassion)
7:00pm Glenbrook South High School (Transformation)
7:00pm K Space Contemporary (Fantasy)
7:00pm Morningside Gallery (Compassion)
7:00pm Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego (Compassion)
7:00pm Newark Museum (Transformation)
7:00pm Seattle Art Museum (Transformation)
7:00pm The Studio@620 (Compassion)
7:00pm Walnut Gallery (Compassion)
7:30pm The Robinson Film Center (Transformation)
8:30pm Montserrat College of Art (Compassion)

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