Art21 Access ’09 Happenings | Thursday, October 15


Tons of events today! For complete details on venues and programs, visit

Thursday, October 15
9:00am Trinity Christian Academy (Compassion)
11:30am University of Memphis (Transformation)
12:00pm Alvin High School National Art Honor Society (Transformation)
12:00pm Portland State University (Compassion)
12:00pm The Institute of Contemporary Art at the Maine College of Art (Compassion)
2:00pm Housatonic Museum of Art (Fantasy)
4:00pm Loyola University New Orleans (Systems)
4:30pm The Art Institute of Chicago (Transformation)
4:55pm Loyola University New Orleans (Systems)
5:00pm George Westinghouse High School, Chicago Public Schools (Systems)
5:30pm Madison Museum of Contemporary Art (Transformation)
5:30pm Salina Art Center / Art Center Cinema (Transformation)
5:30pm Canyon Ridge High School (Systems)
6:00pm Madison Museum of Fine Art (Transformation)
6:00pm Mohile Parikh Center (Compassion)
6:00pm New Wilmington Art Association (Transformation)
6:00pm Onalaska Art Club (Fantasy)
6:00pm Palmer Museum of Art (Fantasy)
6:00pm The Dayton Art Institute (Compassion)
6:00pm Think TV (Compassion)
6:00pm University of Pennsylvania, Graduate Program in Fine Arts (Compassion)
6:00pm Wallace State Community College (Transformation)
6:00pm West Virginia University, College of Creative Arts, Division of Art and Design (Compassion)
6:00pm WVSA ARTs connection (Compassion)
6:30pm Holter Museum of Art (Fantasy)
6:30pm Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art (Transformation)
6:30pm The RISD Museum (Compassion)
6:30pm Universidad de los Andes (Compassion)
6:30pm Weatherspoon Art Museum (Systems)
7:00pm Art Institute of Boston Library at Lesley University (Systems)
7:00pm Cedar Rapids Museum of Art (Transformation)
7:00pm El Paso Museum of Art (Transformation)
7:00pm Figge Art Museum (Systems)
7:00pm Mobile Literacy Arts Bus (MLAB)
7:00pm Nazareth College of Rochester – Art Ed. Department (Transformation)
7:00pm Northwood Art Honor Society and NHS Arts Education Foundation (Transformation)
7:00pm Sleepy Hollow High School (Fantasy)
7:00pm Student Artist Coalition, University of Central Missouri Department of Art & Design (Compassion)
7:00pm Walnut Gallery (Systems)
7:30pm Morean Arts Center (Fantasy)
7:30pm KACV (Transformation)
7:30pm New Wilmington Art Association (Systems)
7:30pm The ARTS at Marks Garage (Systems)
8:00pm Franconia Sculpture Park (Systems)
8:00pm Orange County Museum of Art (Fantasy)
8:30pm Montserrat College of Art (Transformation)