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Art21 Access ’09 Happenings | Thursday, October 22


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Thursday, October 22
11:30am University of Memphis (Systems)
12:15pm Columbia College (Transformation)
2:00pm UNEARTE (Transformation)
4:00pm Morikami Museum & Japanese Gardens (Compassion)
4:30pm The Art Institute of Chicago (Systems)
4:30pm Wesleyan University (Compassion)
5:00pm Marwen (Transformation)
5:00pm Corcoran College of Art and Design (Systems)
5:30pm Chazen Museum of Art (Systems)
5:30pm Spencer Museum of Art (Compassion)
6:00pm Arts Place, Inc. (Systems)
6:00pm Arts Place, Inc. (Systems)
6:00pm Graduate Program in Fine Arts, University of Pennsylvania (Systems)
6:00pm Madison Museum of Fine Art (Systems)
6:00pm The Albuquerque Museum of Art and History (Fantasy)
6:30pm Fort Wayne Museum of Art (Transformation)
6:30pm Universidad de los Andes (Transformation)
7:00pm 18 Chairs, Univ. of Wisconsin Sculpture Club (Systems)
7:00pm Art, Resources and Teaching (A.R.T.) (Fantasy)
7:00pm Burchfield Penney Art Center (Transformation)
7:00pm Cedar Rapids Museum of Art (Systems)
7:00pm Hearst Art Gallery, Saint Mary’s College (Fantasy & Systems)
7:00pm Labyrinth Books (check site for details)
7:00pm Memorial Art Gallery (Systems)
7:00pm Morningside Gallery (Transformation)
7:00pm The Studio@620 (check site for details)
8:30pm Montserrat College of Art (Systems)
8:30pm Palmer Museum of Art (Transformation)

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