Art21 Access ’09 Happenings | Friday, October 23 – Sunday, October 24


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Friday, October 23
9:00am Robert and Elaine Stein Galleries (Transformation)
10:00am Townhouse Gallery of Contemporary Art (Compassion)
12:30pm School Without Walls (Compassion)
6:00pm Academy of Charter Schools (Fantasy)
6:00pm Wildflower Arts Centre (Compassion)
6:30pm Nashville Public Television (Compassion)
7:00pm Brooklyn Artist’s Gym (Transformation)
7:00pm Faculty of Education, University of Ottawa (Compassion)
7:00pm Savannah College of Art and Design (Transformation)
7:00pm University Gallery (Transformation)
7:30pm Nashville Public Television (Fantasy)
8:00pm Savannah College of Art and Design (Systems)

Saturday, October 24
12:00pm Frost Art Museum (Compassion)
12:00pm Lyndsay McCandless Contemporary (Systems)
1:30pm Frost Art Museum (Transformation)
2:00pm Ada Community Library (Transformation)
2:00pm The Saginaw Art Museum (Systems)
3:00pm Modern Art Museum (Transformation)
3:00pm Frost Art Museum (Systems)
3:00pm Frost Art Museum (Systems)
7:00pm Smith College (Fantasy)

Sunday, October 25
1:00pm Missoula Art Museum (Systems)
3:00pm Queens Museum of Art (Systems)
6:00pm Enterprise High School Art Department (Compassion)
7:30pm Redux Contemporary Art Center (Systems)