Sweet Tactility…


In my last post as your guest blogger, I want to indulge a bit and quickly acknowledge my un-quenchable lust for the artist’s book. No, I don’t mean the artist’s book that is widely published and circulated amongst coffee tables of the world in its glossy radiance and clever contemporary design. I cannot get enough of handmade or editioned artist’s books and zines in all of their intaglio, found material, random texture, sincere approach, unconventionally bound, dorky, blind-stamped, and subtle glory…. And yes, I am a stalker of Printed Matter, self-published gems at Blurb, college presses, and dusty shelves of alternative bookstores.

May I recommend that we all tune in for PBS’s upcoming expose on paper folding entitled Between the Folds? And who else’s imagination goes on a strange journey when they see these new possibilities of the pop-up book, courtesy of MIT above? As much as new media threatens to destroy the book arts and put paper way behind us, this artist/writer/blogger/researcher/designer thinks paper is not that easy to overpower when it comes to the viewer’s experience. Cheers to the book!