EcoArtTech Reflections…


My conversation with Eco Art Tech left me feeling a wee bit in the throes of an existential nihilistic crisis. Were systems and networks so radically out of our control? Was I always going to be tossed around between one system/network and another, breast tissue full of DDT and a culito full of flame retardant? Dear lord, I pray not. Sounds awfully uncomfortable.

On the one hand, Cary and Christine did have a point…no one asked me to be born, and certainly no one is asking me if and when I wanna die (although if there is an option for that I’d appreciate that we make the death-date sooner rather than later.) At this stage in my life and career, I could kinda get behind communism (in theory) and yet I’m probably the biggest capitalist piggie you’ve ever met. Or maybe I’m an anarchist? I do like the idea of a life sans-parking tickets…The point to all this being that whichever systems and networks I am a part of are largely unaffected by my participation in them. Is human existence that impotent? Certainly Man has accomplished great things over the spectrum of time, but is all that pennies in comparison to what could be..?

Cary and Christine seemed to have such an upper hand over systems and networks. By accepting the infinite power and ubiquitous place in our lives that systems and networks have, EcoArtTech seemed freed up to engage in more subversive dialogue with the systems and networks they were (in)voluntarily a part of–an enviable position to be in.

But our chain of blogalogues forges on, and up next is ETeam. Perhaps they’ll have a different perspective on the situation—one that tears me from this existential nihilist malaise before I up and tattoo my moneymaker to resemble the centerfold of a National Geographic magazine for no other reason than “why not?”