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What’s Cookin at the Art21 Blog: A Weekly Index

"Maypole Dogs", Source: Everlasting Love (a blog), 2009

Ready… set …GO!!!

  • Letter from London: Memento Mori:Ben Street writes to us about Emily Princes drawing installation project that counts the dead… or does it? This artist’s approach to statistics utilizes rembrance as a fight against abstraction…
  • Nicole Rounds Them UP! This week Art21 artists depict nether regions, play with light and space, bundle and fuse old toys, mirror the dandy, reimagine rooftops, photograph electricity, and display cookie cutters by the thousands
  • BLOG THIS! Blogging the Contemporary Arts, a panel discussion at X-Initiative. Blogs about contemporary arts and the art world play an increasingly important role by providing multiple viewpoints, information and commentaries about the art market, the gallery scene, artists and their work on a daily basis.
  • Adolf Hitler  (character) IMDB Spreadsheet
  • Teaching with Contemporary Art: Anything Can Happen. Being a Ranger Fan is a lot like Contemporary Art.
  • Announcing Art Educators 2010-2011. The Education staff at Art21 is launching the second year of Art21 Educators and we are now accepting applications. For those of you just hearing about this program, Art21 Educators is an intensive, year-long professional development initiative designed to cultivate and support K-12 art educators interested in bringing contemporary art, artists, and themes into their classrooms.
  • VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: Allan McCollum Cookie Cutters