New guest blogger: Leanne Gilbertson

Thanks to Karthik Pandian for posting his Grand Canyon journals during his guest blogging stint. Fortunately, there is more to come in this series, so look out for a several more posts from him in the next few weeks.

Up next is Leanne Gilbertson. Leanne recently received her Ph.D. in Visual and Cultural Studies from the University of Rochester. She teaches Modern and Contemporary Art, Theory, and Criticism in the Department of Art at Sam Houston State University. She has held visiting teaching positions at Bowling Green State University and the University of Pittsburgh, and also served as Curatorial Assistant at the Andy Warhol Film Project at the Whitney Museum of American Art. Her writing has appeared in *Art Journal* and *InVisible Culture.* Currently she is preparing a manuscript that explores the relationships between the emergence, in the 1960s, of both feminist and queer consciousnesses, and the intermedia artistic experimentation occurring at both Warhol’s Factory and Judson Memorial Church.


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