The Dust Settles After the First Culture Wars

On January 28, Art21 and 92YTribeca piloted a program called Culture Wars: A Night of Trivia with Art21. The night began with a music play list created by artist Mary Heilmann (Season 5). By 6:30pm all 18 teams were registered, seated with beers in hand, and ready for the main event.  In addition to the general public forming teams, there were also teams representing institutions like the Museum of Modern Art, the Guggenheim Museum, the Metropolitan Museum, Cambridge University Press, Bomb Magazine, and 20X200.

Culture Wars was comprised of four rounds, ten questions per round. Every round had a different theme including; Ripped from the Headlines devoted to questions about current events in the art world, Personnel Changes was an audio round of selected song clips that represented a sonic shift because a personnel change (loosely inspired by a newly appointed director of LA MOCA), Art and the City explored the geography of NYC through public art, and finally the Best and Worst of the Naughts which was a decade of art, music, and film in review. For those of you unable to attend the first Culture Wars, the next event is set for March 24, 2010 at the 92Y Tribeca, so mark your calendars!  We also captured some rough footage with a small pocket video camera to give a sense of the evening.

Art21 Culture Wars: An Introduction from Art21 on Vimeo.

Perhaps this selected twitter feed is a better document to give you a sense of the event and the crowd.

6:46 PM    lisa_hoang I’m at Culture Wars Art21 – 92YTribeca w/ @thatwaszen.

6:55 PM    thatwaszen – Great crowd at @art21’s #culturewars at the 92Y (via @thatwaszen)

7:33 PM    VAJIAJIA Team Guggenheim getting butts kicked at @Art21 Culture Wars at 92Y Tribeca. Hoping to make a comeback in non-audio trivia.

7:34 PM    HeartAsArena @art21 yr reading the ???s too fast. Or I’m drunk.

7:39 PM    theartiststruth At @art21’s Culture War…after 2 rounds my brain hurts! Good compilation guys

7:42 PM    David_C_ @art21 I was expecting more Jersey Shore trivia.

7:45 PM    AnalogC My team (with @HeartAsArena), Glenn Lowry’s Apartment, just tied @metmuseum for 4th place in Round1 of @art21 #culturewars!

8:09 PM    thatwaszen I love art nerd trash talk. #culturewars

8:20 PM    AnalogC Yes! GlennLowry’sApartment won the @20×200 prints for winning 3rd place in @art21 #culturewars!!

9:12 PM    lisa_hoang Great @art21 Culture Wars Trivia event! My team came in 6th (out of 17 I think)…not too shabby 🙂

Team Standings after Culture Wars #1

After each trivia night we will post team standings not just on the blog but also on the Art21 web site.  Art21 will keep score of new and current will have to fan the flames of healthy competition. Challenge your colleagues, friends, and archrivals from in or outside of the “professional” art world.  So here are the standings after the first night:

1st Place –  Captain No (MoMA): 38 points
$25 gift certificate/player to the Phaidon Store

2nd Place –  Glenn Lowry’s Apt : 36 points
$20 gift certificate or print/player provided by 20X200

3rd Place –  Sir Digby Chicken Ceasar : 35 points
Art:21 Season 5 DVD or free tickets to a 92YTribeca event

4th Place – The Bomb Squad (Bomb Magazine): 35 points
5th Place – We Hope You Like Getting Kicked in the Face (Met Museum): 32.5 points
6th Place – Ceci N’est Pai Une Eqipe: 31 points
7th Place – Potted Ivy’s (New School/NYU): 28.5 points
8th Place TIE – Fake Ass Females| Peggy’s Peeps (Guggenheim): 26.5 points
10th Place – Cambridge Comapnions (Cambridge University Press): 25 points
11th Place TIE – We Love Ian Forester | “Drat!” We’re Free Range: 21.5 points
13th Place – NY Public Met Workshop (Met Museum, NY Public Library, & Sesame Workshop): 21 points
14th Place – Artards (20X200): 13 points
15th Place TIE – Duchamps Champs (Met Museum) | Idiot Savants: 12 points each
16th Place – Macher: 10.5 points