Lives and Works in Berlin

New column! Lives and Works in Berlin

Art21 is thrilled to announce the launch of our latest column. Heading the curriculum vitae of Berlin’s artists, curators, and other breeds of art junkies, Lives and Works in Berlin. A title both eschewed and coveted, each year hundreds of emerging artists and art professionals oscillate in and out of the city to take it on or give it up. Berlin is a city with no shortage of sensational coverage, yet its constantly changing rosters of spaces, artists, and daily arts buzz remain shrouded in mystery.  Lives and Works in Berlin offers readers a biweekly behind-the-scenes peek into art collectives’ cellars and blockbuster museum hits, as told by three artists and a curator living and working in this transient town.

Meet our writers…

Ali Fitzgerald
Born in Oakland, California, Ali Fitzgerald is an artist and writer living (and occasionally working) in Berlin. She holds a B.A. from Davidson College (2004), attended the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture the same year, and received her M.F.A. from the University of Texas at Austin in 2007. Her work has been featured in the New York Times, Art in America, and Artlies! She has also collaborated with Artlies! on their visual space and written for ..might be good. She is represented by Houston’s Art Palace and her work can be found in the Drawing Center’s Viewing Program. Most recently, she showed at the Center for Book Arts in New York and started a Berlin comic diary, found here.
Alex Freedman
Alex Freedman is an arts voyeur, archivist, and member of the Berlin-based curatorial collective 10/2/10. Originally from Los Angeles, she studied History at George Washington University and African Literature at Harvard, and will study Art History before eventually attending law school. Her current projects include Look Until Blind, a Berlin-based artist interview project and a Cairo-based Internet artist curatorial initiative to be launched later this year.
Ethan Hayes-Chute
Born and raised in Freeport, Maine, Ethan Hayes-Chute now makes art in Berlin, where he thinks about hypothetical domiciles, fantastical isolation, outsider architecture, self-sufficiency, landscape, self-preservation, rusty nails, viewer participation, found materials, daily life, nostalgia, seclusion, sublimity, ad-hoc construction, knick-knacks, craftsmanship, customization, longing and decay. He can often be spotted towing a wagon overflowing with cast-off wood and other special acquisitions.
Anna Milandri
German-born Anna Milandri is an artist currently based in Berlin, where she recently completed her MA. Her research interests include 19th century landscape garden architecture, early optical devices and anthroposophic cults of the Pacific Northwest.