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The Present Perfect Participation: Last Call and Weekend Roundup

Filming at the Brooklyn Museum, NY, June 19, 2010. Photo by Katherine Payne.

Today is your final chance to participate in advance of Wednesday’s live event, The Present Perfect with Art21. Submissions close tonight at 11:59 p.m. ET. Current participants can give soon-to-be participants a sense of what’s possible: performing with friends, colleagues, or even solo!

A steady stream of submissions kicked off the weekend on Friday with a string of questions posted for Laurie Simmons in response to her recent collaborations.

With gorgeous weather this past Saturday, we packed our camera and boombox and set up camp outside of the Brooklyn Museum to film participants, museum goers, and passersby as they performed their own takes on Three Day Weekend and The Present Perfect Weekend. We captured iced coffee dancers (below), fountain dwellers, juggling puppets, and many more spirited performances throughout the day. The results were absolutely amazing! Watch the performances on Vimeo or via the embedded widgets at the end of this post.

Remote audiences also took a chance to upload their own performances, including a contribution by a frequent Oliver Herring project participant, Davis Thompson-Moss, who reminded us how much we love Johnny Gill’s Rub You the Right Way.

Time is ticking, so don’t miss out on this opportunity to contribute to this unique experience: Ask Laurie a question or perform with Oliver! More videos from the weekend embedded below.

From the Three Day Weekend group on Vimeo

From the Present Perfect Weekend group on Vimeo

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