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New guest blogger: Meg Floryan

Thanks to Steven Frost for giving us some amazing insights in fiber art, and extra bonus points for whipping up a fascinating post that combines Catwoman & patriarchy.

Next up is Meg Floryan, who is a freelance arts writer and recent graduate of Sotheby’s Institute of Art,with a Master’s degree in American Fine & Decorative Art. Meg has lived and studied in New Orleans, Boston, and New York, and she has developed a wide-ranging repertoire of interests that includes everything from Hellenistic jewelry and post-war children’s book illustrations to a fascination with art crime.

Inspired by the diversity and freedom of online forums, Meg writes regularly for and is constantly in search of new ways to explore and experience art. Meg’s other hobbies include yoga and watching foreign horror films — which we assume she does separately and not at the same time.

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