New guest blogger: Dorota Biczel

Thanks to Caroline Picard for a record number of fabulous interviews. Follow her work back on her site, Lantern Projects.

Up next is Dorota Biczel. Dorota Biczel is a Polish-born artist, writer, independent researcher and curator, currently based in Barcelona, Spain. She pursues what Vilém Flusser called “the freedom of a migrant,” and has lived and worked in Poland, the United States and Peru. She first studied graphics at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts in Poland and her critical writing and curatorial practice grew out of the experience working at a politically unstable periphery with a weak institutional scene. Dorota has taught classes at the Warsaw Academy, University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee and Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and has realized independent curatorial projects in Warsaw, Milwaukee, and Lima, Peru. Her research interests include issues of artistic labor, critical pedagogy, systems of valuation in the art world, and questions about art historiographies of the “new democracies” under neoliberal policies in Latin America and Eastern Europe. Currently, her main focus is neo-Conceptual art in Peru and the challenge of its narration after the fall of dictatorship – the subject of her MA thesis, Weak Signals in the Fog: Tactics of [In] visibility in the Neo-Conceptual Peruvian Art. Dorota was recently invited to join the research group, Red Conceptualismos del Sur / Southern Conceptualisms Network.