Weekly Roundup

Kerry James Marshall

Kerry James Marshall, "Untitled," 2011. Courtesy of the Yale University Art Gallery's show "Embodied: Black Identities in Amercan Art." (Tony De Camillo, Yale University Art Gallery / February 24, 2011)

In this week’s roundup, Kerry James Marshall and others explore black identity, Mark Dion has a ship in a bottle, Barbara Kruger makes art from chess, and more.

  • Mark Dion‘s Ship in a Bottle, a new public art sculpture, was unveiled at The Port of Los Angeles last Tuesday.  Dion created an eight-foot scale model of a container ship inside a 12-foot clear glass bottle. Sitting on a grassy mound in the midst of the Marina, the ship rests on a bed of crushed glass, and both the bottle and container ship appear to be floating out over the waters of the Port’s outer harbor.  It is permanently installed at the South end of a newly completed 1,200 linear foot section of Cabrillo Way Marina Phase II.
  • Barbara Kruger is part of The Art of Chess exhibition organized by The University of Queensland Art Museum (Australia).  This exhibition is an ongoing project featuring chess sets designed by some of the world’s leading contemporary artists in a celebration of the game of chess and its continued relevance to the creative arts.  The show closes on April 24.

  • Collier Schorr‘s Early Birds series of fashion photographs are featured in The New York Times‘ Spring Fashion issue that highlights the season’s most notable, wearable, and desirable trends.
  • Mark your calendars now for Iñigo Manglano-Ovalle, whose works will be on view at The Power Plant as he will discuss his renowned art practice on May 25 at the Studio Theater, York Quay Centre (Toronto).