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Over the past two months, Art21 has received a wave of critical and popular response to Art21’s newest online series, New York Close Up. Below are three quotes we’d like to share.

“An unmistakable focus on the flurry of opportunities and experiences granted to artists in the early stages of their career and a marked attention to the emerging cultural environs of New York City is what makes the new Web series different from prior Art21 film projects.” New American Paintings

“This show… focuses on young professionals at the cusp of their creative lives as they navigate the multilayered reality of life in the big city…. Definitely a series worth keeping your eye on as it develops and more film/artist collaborations are added.” Curbs and Stoops

I love this artist, but I’ve never seen her out of character and heard her talk. Thanks for making this video.” – YouTube comment, “Shana Moulton’s Portable Performance

The New York Close Up Film Fund brings together a network of fans and friends who, like the enthusiasts above, publicly support New York Close Up artists, films, and programs. Membership begins at $50, and will directly support the next year of the series. Visit the New York Close Up Film Fund page for full information about membership levels and benefits.

Within the last two months, members have helped over 33,000 viewers from Brazil to Germany to South Africa gain a multifaceted view of the life and work of contemporary artists in NYC today.  For many viewers, these films are a first insight into the variety of choices and activities available within the initial stages of a professional artistic career. Audiences worldwide get to explore:

  • How do artists navigate the lines between artistry and a career?
  • How do artists engage their community?
  • How does ownership of art shift when a work is put on display?
  • How do artists contribute their own personal stories in the face of prevailing historical narratives?

Help us continue to share this kind of information—so often left out of the public conversation—join the New York Close Up Film Fund today!

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