New guest blogger: Mike HJ Chang

Thanks to guest blogger (and Lives and Works in Berlin regular) Ali Fitzgerald for her always entertaining and insightful posts. Follow her exploits back on the column throughout the year.

Up next is Mike HJ Chang. Mike is a Taiwanese American and he studied and practiced art making in Los Angeles. For the last two years, he has been teaching art in Singapore.  Now he is an artist-in-residence at an independent high school, teaching interdisciplinary studies with a tinge of art, as well as starting a school video/new-broadcast program to teach students media and journalism.  He will be blogging about the experience of teaching/learning/art making in a culture that is very different from that on the West Coast.  He will focus on art practices in Singapore that are less object-oriented and more process-based, as well as the performance practices that  inform his own work.  For his own practice, in the past year he has been working on a text/illustration/performance/sculpture project called Is What, about growing up, a new lexicon, and feeling stuck.  His website is