New Guest Blogger: Chris Cuellar

A big thanks to guest blogger Mike HJ Chang for his enlightening series of posts on the state of contemporary art and performance in Singapore. We hope to check back in with him again soon. In the meantime, keep up with Mike’s latest projects and Singaporian adventures by visiting his website, here.

Next up is Chris Cuellar, a Los Angeles-based artist whose work encompasses writing, sound, performance, and digital media. Chris tells me that some of the issues he’s been tossing around as of late concern “the distribution of information online, telepresence, skeuomorphs, and plain old-fashioned concrete poetry.” Over the next two weeks, Chris’s guest blog will consist of a curated series of art “how-to’s,” which, he tells me, will “liberally expose secret recipes, source code and patents from a handful of solicited artists.” For those of you who live in or near Chicago, there will be a workshop and discussion hosted by Upgrade!Chicago on October 4th addressing the issues and ideas explored in Chris’ posts. He has also published numerous volumes on Lulu, including an early collection of spam poetry and the entire Facebook public directory circa Summer 2010 (an ongoing project). He has worked and performed for the Austin New Music Co-op in Austin, TX; the School of the Art Institute of Chicago’s Sullivan Galleries and Betty Rymer Gallery; the Hyde Park Art Center; the Red Rover Reading Series in Chicago; and Diapason Gallery in Brooklyn. Chris has also provided technical assistance for Project Cabrini Green and served as associate editor for the online literary journal Dear Navigator. To learn more, you can visit Chris’ website, follow him on Twitter and/or Key Party with him on Facebook.