Teaching with Contemporary Art

But Wait, There’s More

Pierre Huyghe, "Timekeeper", 1999 image courtesy Marian Goodman Gallery

Feeling a little under the weather this week, so as a pick-me-up I decided to write about some of the phenomenal stuff happening at Art21. Kind of like an education public service announcement through the column…

First, if you haven’t checked it out by now, Art21 finally has a new website- new design, new features and easier access to the resources. It’s like a new car. As a matter of fact, if you get close enough to your computer it even smells like a new car. Go to art21.org if you haven’t already.

Second, Access 2012 is getting ready to roll. Don’t know about Access?? (Where have you been?) Access allows schools, museums, community groups and even local non-profit organizations to host a preview screening for one of the season 6 segments before it ever airs on PBS. Pretty cool, right? All you have to do is e-mail [email protected] for more info on how to host an Access event this spring. Choose from any of the four thematic segments to share with your group, which include Boundaries, Change, History and Balance.

Third, the season 6 educator’s guide is being written as we speak by yours truly, with some heavenly help from my colleague Jessica Hamlin and our interdisciplinary home run hitter, Flossie Chua from Harvard’s Project Zero. Not to mention thirteen smoooooth artist introductions by our associate curator, Wesley Miller. As soon as the season 6 guides are available, I will let you know (which may not be necessary since you’ll probably hear me shout for joy).

Finally, applications for our fourth year of Art21 Educators will be available next month. If you are an arts or humanities teacher and would like to spend 8 glorious, steamy days with us this summer learning about teaching with contemporary art, using Art21 resources, and even meeting some Art21 artists, this institute is for you. But wait, there’s more… All applicants who are chosen for the program participate in monthly online sessions where we share our work together and get the opportunity to build on experiences initiated during the summer. But wait, there’s still more… I will be interviewing a few of our current Art21 Educators in the next few months right here on the blog in order for them to share their perspectives. Stay tuned to art21.org for more details and application instructions in January.

OK, the antibiotics are kicking in. My tonsils are the size of Mitt Romney’s head (with the flowing hair of course). Time to turn in. See you next week.