New Guest Blogger: Mariana Aguirre


Mariana Aguirre.

A big thanks to Colin Darke for his in-depth series of posts looking at the state of contemporary art in Detroit, Michigan. You can keep up with Colin’s writings by visiting his website here.

Next up, we’re excited to introduce Mariana Aguirre, whose guest blog series will focus on contemporary art in Mexico. Most recently, Aguirre has worked at Taxi Art Magazine, a contemporary art publication from Guadalajara. She also has a monthly column at Revista Replicante, a Mexican magazine which focuses on contemporary art and culture. Her current interest in art criticism and contemporary art has led her interview artists such as Ming Wong, Ernesto Neto and Christian Jankowski and to write about Hennessy Youngman, the Jumex Collection and Tate Modern.

Aguirre’s academic research has focused on Italian modernism, specifically Giorgio Morandi and Futurism. Her essays on Morandi, Ardengo Soffici, and Italian modernist magazines have appeared in several scholarly publications. She has been a visiting assistant professor at several universities in the United States and has a PhD from Brown University.

Welcome, Mariana!