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Smack Mellon Could Use Your Help!

No doubt many of you are aware of the damage Hurricane Sandy wrought on a significant number of Chelsea galleries.  Maybe a little less publicized but no less important (or sad) was the damage done to the Smack Mellon residency program in DUMBO.  It was bad.  Per the Smack Mellon website –  ”all the aritsts’ studios were flooded with six feet of water, destroying all contents including their artwork.  And the studio program’s media lab, kitchen, and wood shop also sustained severe damage.”

Fortunately, Smack Mellon resident – and New York Close Up artist – Shana Moulton came out relatively unscathed; she lost her work space there, but her art (video media especially) was safe at home.

And even more fortunately, the good folks at Art Fag City are dedicating this year’s Wienerfest & Fundraiser to Smack Mellon’s recovery efforts.   It’s this Sunday December 16, 3 to 7PM at Postmasters in Chelsea.  Fifty percent of full price ticket sales will go to Smack Mellon relief.

So if you’ve got the cash, Smack Mellon could really use your help. Thanks.

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