New Blogger-in-Residence | Alicia Eler, Art Critic and Curator, Chicago, IL

Alicia Eler.

Alicia Eler.

Many thanks to our January blogger-in-residence, Michael Neault, who helped us kick off the new year with fresh perspectives on art and its relationship to cognitive science. In his final post, Neault provides an index of his series and a list of other articles, books, websites, and podcasts on the topic.

February is upon us and we’re delighted to have Alicia Eler as our next blogger-in-residence. For the next 21 days, Alicia will profile artists from across the United States and Canada. She takes as her focus one excellent question: How does a residency change an artist’s creative practice? Check back tomorrow for her first post.

Alicia is an art critic and curator whose projects focus on American pop and consumer culture, social networked identities, and the history of queer aesthetics. Her recent reviews examine our modern perception of the natural world. She is currently the Chicago Correspondent for Hyperallergic and; Writer/Editor for the OtherPeoplesPixels Blog; Curator for ACRE Projects; and Visual Arts Researcher for the Chicago Artists’ Resource. Her writing has published in Art Papers, RAW Vision Magazine, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, Flavorpill, ReadWriteWeb, and Time Out Chicago.

You can browse Alicia’s portfolio on her website, While you’re over there, notice her swanky logo in which an owl perches on the coiled tail of her first initial. “My family informed me that my first word was owl,” Alicia explains. “The word suits me. Owls are watchers, guardians and quiet flyers. We perch on branches and pay attention to the goings on of the forest. We are heavy hunters who consume quickly and digest later.” That reminds me—follow her on Twitter @aliciaeler.

Welcome, Alicia!