New Blogger-in-Residence | Amanda Beroza Friedman, Artist, Brooklyn, NY

Amanda B. Friedman.

Amanda B. Friedman.

Many thanks to our February blogger-in-residence, Alicia Eler, for her nine-part series on artists and artist residencies across the United States and Canada. If you missed any of Alicia’s insightful articles and conversations, you can find all of them here.

Our March blogger-in-residence is Amanda Beroza Friedman. (She was also a guest blogger in 2011). A practicing artist based in Brooklyn, her work has been included in exhibitions at Clifton Benevento and Artists Space, New York; Nudashank, Baltimore; and Vox Populi, Philadelphia. She had a solo show this past fall at Eli Ping Gallery, New York. The Washington D.C. native studied at the University of Vermont in Burlington, where she received her BA, and the Glasgow School of Art in Scotland. Learn more about Amanda’s work at

Through her upcoming series of blog posts, Amanda will thread ideas about feminism, the overlooked, and the empathy of art objects. When asked what inspired these topics, she replied: “I wanted an excuse to enter into a dialogue with the three artists [Jen Schwarting, Mandolyn Wilson Rosen, and Mira Shor] and one artwork by Jay DeFeo. Their practices are thoughtful, specific, explore vulnerability, and warrant slow looking.” Visit the blog on Monday to read her first post.

Welcome back, Amanda!