Weekly Roundup

JUDY PFAFF  The path to the center was clearly marked, 2012 honeycomb cardboard, expanded foam, steel wires, plastics, fluorescent light 90 x 88 x 19"

Judy Pfaff. “The path to the center was clearly marked,” 2012. Honeycomb cardboard, expanded foam, steel wires, plastics, fluorescent light, 90 x 88 x 19 in.

We’re back from the holiday weekend with our Monday roundup:

  • Doris Salcedo is showing new work at Alexander and Bonin (New York, NY) in the two-artist show Robert Kinmont/Doris Salcedo. Featured is Salcedo’s A Flor de Piel, “a response to the simple but impossible task of making a flower offering to a victim of torture.” The work is on view through July 26.
  • Mel Chin has a show up at the McColl Center for Visual Art (Charlotte, NC). Mel Chin: Recap highlights the artist’s six-month residency in the Knight Artist-in-Residence program, and includes his Fundred Dollar Bill Project. Knight Arts has posted a promo video onlineRecap is on view through August 17.
  • Louise Bourgeois 1911-2010 is on view at the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art (Toronto, Ontario) through August 11. The exhibition is inspired by Bourgeois’ first solo show at Peridot Gallery in New York City (1949–50), where she introduced her now iconic wood and metal personage sculptures.

Nancy Spero. "Cri du Coeur (detail),” 2005. Courtesy Galerie Lelong.

Nancy Spero. “Cri du Coeur (detail),” 2005. Courtesy Galerie Lelong.

  • Cri du CoeurNancy Spero‘s last monumental work on paper—is on view at the Worcester Art Museum (Worcester, MA). Cri du Coeur (Cry of the Heart) is a hand-printed frieze that wraps around the walls of the gallery at floor level. According to the curators, the piece is “a passionate cry against war, death, and destruction that is both political and personal, social and metaphysical.” On view through October 13.
  • Robert Adams‘s retrospective exhibition has traveled to the Joseph Albers Museum (Bottrop, Germany). Robert Adams: The Place We Live is comprised of more than 300 original prints as well as first editions of Adams’s publications. On view through September 29.
  • Faye Hirsch interviewed Alfredo Jaar for Art in America a few days before the public opening of the 55th Venice Biennale. In “A Post-Pavilion Biennale?” the artist talks about the meaning of his installation Venezia, Venezia and other works.
  • Jeff Koons‘s Balloon Venus was the inspiration for a new limited-edition bottle of Don Pérignon that he designed for the champagne house Moët & Chandon. Only a few hundred bottles of this special Rose Vintage will be made. They sell for $20,000 each.