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Twenty-One Songs from Sam Gordon

Sam Gordon in the window of Printed Matter, New York, NY. In 2013, Gordon and Eve Fowler had a two-person exhibition at Printed Matter and Feature Inc. Fowler and Gordon filled the windows with their collaboratively made posters and zines.

Sam Gordon in the window of Printed Matter (New York, NY) where he and artist Eve Fowler filled the windows with their poster and zine collaboration, 2013. Courtesy the artist.

Sam Gordon is a multidisciplinary artist and curator based in New York. In May 2013, he collaborated with Cafe Dancer, a bar on New York’s Lower East Side, to stage a three-day program of dance and performance for NADA New York. Many of the songs used for that program are included in the following playlist along with songs from earlier generations of artists and musicians who Gordon feels an affinity to because, as he says, “they fail to draw within the lines.”

The Lord in the Sky is Ourselves – Jealous Orgasm
Contemporary Dancing (Axemax and Big P Remix) – Nils Bech
I Feel Love – Klaus Nomi
Dark Allies – Light Asylum
Divided – Epee du Bois
Magnetic Attraction  – Y Pants
The Groove That Won’t Stop – Williams Fairey Brass Band
You Were Young Once – Jack Too Jack
Yes, I’m a Witch – Yoko Ono
The Sobriquet – Stephen Prina
Clapping Music – Steve Reich
I Like Things – Martin Creed
I Love New York – TV Baby
She Was a Butcher – No Bra
She Was Surprised – Psychic TV
Credit Card Babie$ – MEN
LIVLUVLAF – Mirror Mirror
Into the Groovey – Cicconne Youth
Scavenger – Black Dice
Daddy (DJ Saguaro Giznad Remix) – I.U.D.
I Am Your Man – Planningtorock

Select songs are included in Art21’s Spotify playlist Now Playing: Sam Gordon.