The Walker Curates the News: 12.01.14

Photograph from James Bridle's The Nor, Part One: The Wall, 2014.

Photograph from James Bridle’s The Nor, Part One: The Wall, 2014.

While trying to photograph the 1,000+ CCTV cameras in London’s congestion zone this October, James Bridle found himself under citizen’s arrest. Bridle hopes to complete his project with a Flickr photo album and an animated heat map to raise awareness of surveillance and the role of the state in London. Speaking in-depth about the project, he theorizes the CCTV cameras represent the “third city wall” for London, which will precede successive walls that will track and monitor individuals in the minutest methods without consent.

  • There’s a plague in contemporary art/editorial photography, and Jörg Colberg dubs it “helicopterism”: “[T]he approach taken by so many photojournalists who fly in for a day or two, snap some dramatic pictures without any deeper engagement and are then off to the next spot.” While it’s unclear whether photography can change anything, Colberg touts the importance of the gesture of making an attempt to make change.
  •  “A commune but with the Internet,” unMonastery is an open web platform and physical space that hosts tech idealists to brainstorm ideas for social change. One “unMonk” says the goal is to seek “an understanding of how a network can interact with [governmental] power.” Its most recent conference titled “Living on the Edge” discussed the communal management of resources when government structures break down.

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