The Walker Curates the News: 06.01.15

Cindy Sherman "Untitled (#150)," 1985 Color photograph, 49 1/2 x 66 3/4 inches  Edition of 6  © Cindy Sherman Courtesy Metro Pictures, New York

Cindy ShermanUntitled (#150), 1985
Color photograph, 49 1/2 x 66 3/4 inches; Edition of 6
© Cindy Sherman   Courtesy Metro Pictures, New York

“I’ve always sensed that women artists have to prove themselves exceptional in order to get their foot in the door, to be considered for something, whereas many, many mediocre men artists easily get by,” says American photographer and film director Cindy Sherman in response to an article by Maura Reilly on the pervasiveness of sexism in the art world. “I am hopeful that as time goes on and more households encourage both daughters and sons to assert themselves, we’ll stop seeing men as being the pushy ones, hogging the attention, while women stand complacently in the shadows. Both examples need to be revised.”

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