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This Week in Art: 12.19-12.25


Production still from Ida Applebroog’s Season 3, Power segment of Art in the Twenty First Century.

Nonprofits are recognizing Art21 artists this week in their programming, events, and award ceremonies. The New York Foundation for the Arts just announced Season 3 artist Ida Applebroog as one of four 2017 inductees to NYFA’s Hall of Fame. NYFA Board Chair Judith K. Brodsky said she’s thrilled her organization is honoring “a fearless artist and feminist art heroine.”

In other news:

Events & exhibitions


Cambridge, Mass.

Salzburg, Austria

Leuven, Belgium

It’s impossible to include all the incredible exhibitions and art events happening this week in a single post. If there’s something you feel should have been included in today’s roundup, leave a comment below!

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