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This Week in Art 2.13-2.19: Inescapable Politics

Protest at John F. Kennedy International Airport, Terminal 4, in New York City, against Donald Trump’s executive order signed in January 2017 banning citizens of seven countries from traveling to the United States. Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Every week it seems there is more and more political news finding its way into these roundups. This week it comes in the form of a petition, signed by hundreds of artists, galleries, museums, critics and curators, against President Trump’s executive order suspending refugee entry and temporarily banning citizens from seven majority-Muslim countries from entering the U.S.

Signed by Kara Walker, Barbara Kruger, Pierre Huyghe, Catherine Opie, Mark Dion, critic/curator Philip Tinari, Joan Jonas, and art history professor Douglas Crimp among a growing list, the petition states, “Our field is dependent upon international collaboration and cross-cultural exchange, and these cross-border and cross-cultural collaborations benefit the general public; the ban thus affects all of us.”

Also this week:

Events & exhibitions

New York City

Waltham, MA


San Marino, CA

San Francisco


Edinburgh, UK

Stockholm, Sweden

Zurich, Switzerland

It’s impossible to include all the incredible exhibitions and art events happening this week in a single post. If there’s something you feel should have been included in today’s roundup, leave a comment below!

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