Fall 2019 Issue
“Deep Fake”


Colored Time

In 1895, H.G. Wells published The Time Machine, a book that began his renown as a science-fiction author, though he wrote in many genres. Despite Wells’ success being patterned with infidelity and misogyny—behaviors that decorate the biographies of other white male historical figures—The Time Machine is still considered the book that introduced time travel into the lexicon of science fiction.

Teaching with Contemporary Art

Extending Beyond Craftsmanship, into Inquiry and Exploration

I was first introduced to the idea of teaching with contemporary art and artists in the Art + Education graduate program at New York University, which “envisions a radical space where contemporary art and social justice education meet.” While in school, I helped to coordinate the Art21 Educators program, led by Jess Hamlin and Joe Fusaro. Since then, I have been teaching in a variety of school and educational settings in New York City, using contemporary artists as creative role models for artists of all ages and abilities.

Horror, Contemporary Art, and Film: In Conversation with Dan Herschlein and Chad Laird

DAN HERSCHLEIN: Something that's really important about horror movies is that they're sort of like folk tales or fairy tales that get told and retold and recast and reframed. But they're not that different [from each other]; they're different peoples' takes on similar kinds of stories and themes.