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What’s Cookin at the Art21 Blog: A Weekly Index


Lucille Ball, Source: Google Images

So many places to go and art to see…let’s get started…

Thank you Trong for updating us on the whereabouts of some very special Art21 artists.

Guest blogger Quinn Latimer writes about select things which are readable, playable and (of course) visible: Let Them Read Books / Play Records

Ah yes (!) the weekly letter Letter from London by Ben Street: Hot Scots Part Un

Gastro Vision: Aesthetics of Urban Farming Part II by Nicole Caruth. If you missed Part I, check it out here.

For a selection of quotes curated by guest blogger Quinn Latimer, visit her specially-curated Chain Link Fence.

..and the Not-So-Powerful (Part – One), another insightful addition to the column Teaching with Contemporary Art by Joe Fusaro.

In the latest installment from our upcoming season: Meet the Season 5 Artist: Cindy Sherman, a post by Wesley Miller.

“ArtPrize: An Experiment in De Centralized Curation and Competition” by Kevin Buist. Participate in the discussion here

From Here to There (and Back Again) — Quinn Latimer reviews the exhibition “Holbein to Tillmans” at the Schaulager Museum in Basel, Switzerland.

Artist Davis Thompson-Moss discusses his experience appearing as a performer, alongside his brother, in two videos by Oliver Herring.

Georgia Kotretsos’ Inside the Artist’s Studio talks to agrisculptor Flo McGarrell, who divides his time between Vermont and Haiti, and creates work which “hacks” waste to make it useful again.

And Cindy Sherman is interviewed by Betsy Sussler, in this week’s bombastic contribution from BOMB Magazine.