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Filming Mary Heilmann in Bridgehampton, NY, 2008. "Art in the Twenty-First Century," production still, 2009. © Art21, Inc. 2009.

Filming Mary Heilmann in Bridgehampton, NY, 2008. Art in the Twenty-First Century, production still, 2009. © Art21, Inc. 2009.

Why are there only 4 episodes a season, and 1 season every 2 years? How do you choose the artists to feature? What is it like filming [INSERT ANY ARTIST] in their studio?

Here’s your chance to ask us these questions or anything else that you’ve ever wondered about Art21.

Earlier this year, associate curator Wesley Miller gave us a look inside the curatorial process. That same week, series producer Eve Moros Ortega took us behind the scenes of the production process. This week, both Wes and Eve are back to field questions from our audience. The latest installment of the Inside PBS blog’s Q&A series opens the door for you to ask us anything—anything—about what we do here at Art21.

Please feel free to leave a question either here or on the Inside PBS blog, and Wes and Eve will try to answer as many as possible. The answers will be posted next week on the Inside PBS blog.

Need to refer to Season 5 episodes for inspiration? Not to worry, we’ve got you covered on the PBS Video portal! Just interested in a discussion about clowns? Well, the PBS Facebook audience has you covered there!


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  2. This is more than likely one of the most obvious questions, maybe especially from other artists, but I have to risk asking it (again) anyway: how do you choose the artists that are featured in each episode?
    I am also curious how it gets decided to group the artists together when each episode is created; is that decided ahead of time, say when theme or focus is chosen?
    How DOES that whole process work?



  3. Hi Kerrie,

    You can take a look at Wes’s post from July for some insight into the artist-selection process:

    And you can also refer to the just-published responses on the Inside PBS blog.

    Hope this gives you an idea of how that process works. If not, feel free to leave any additional questions here!

  4. Wes’s and Eve’s responses are now available on the Inside PBS blog:

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