This Week in Art 3.27-4.2: 100+ Ai Weiwei Installations Coming to NYC

Rendering of one piece in the multi-site Public Art Fund project Ai Weiwei: Good Fences Make Good Neighbors. Courtesy of Ai Weiwei Studio.

This morning, the New York Times announced Good Fences Make Good Neighbors, a series of Ai Weiwei installations coming to various sites around New York City in October 2017. More than one-hundred of Ai Weiwei’s works will be installed in public spaces as part of the Public Art Fund project, which attempts to highlight the city’s historical role as a gateway to the U.S. for millions of immigrants.

“I was an immigrant in New York in the 1980s for ten years and the issue with the migration crisis has been a longtime focus of my practice,” says the artist. “What’s important to remember is that while barriers have been used to divide us, as humans we are all the same. Some are more privileged than others, but with that privilege comes a responsibility to do more.”

Events & exhibitions

New York City

Washington D.C.

  • Wednesday, March 29, 7pm—Ann Hamilton will be speaking with designer, builder and educator Emily Pilloton at the National Museum of Women in the Arts, to facilitate a discussion on the question “How can makers change the world?”


  • Friday, March 31, 2pm—As part of the Nasher Prize Dialogues series, the Nasher Sculpture Center is hosting a conversation between National Gallery of Art Senior Curator Lynne Cooke and 2017 Nasher Prize Laureate Pierre Huyghe, about his artistic philosophy and practice.

Los Angeles


Hong Kong

It’s impossible to include all the incredible exhibitions and art events happening this week in a single post. If there’s something you feel should have been included in today’s roundup, leave a comment below!