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What’s Cookin at the Art21 Blog: A Weekly Index

It’s mealtime! Join Sonya for a fine helping of nutrients and adventure with this week’s Index:

Round ‘em up Nicole! Here’s what Art21 artists have been up to this past week.

The Pop-Up Book Academy: An Interview with Sam Gould of Red 76 by Daniel Fuller … a  requiem for Maurizio Cattelan? Read more details about the latest show at Harlem’s Triple Candie. Also… a day at Art Disneyland! Jump in the car with Daniel and head to Mildred’s Lane.

Thank you to Daniel for so many of your fabulous posts! Hrag Vartanian introduces new Art21 Guest Blogger, (drum roll, please) …Quinn Latimer.

In the latest Letter From London, Ben Street writes to us with some thoughts pertaining to acts of vandalism on works of art.

Conserve contemporary art! Check out the Art21 Blog’s new column: No preservatives: Conversations about Conservation and read Richard McCoy’s interview with Hugh Shockey from the Lunder Conservation Center.

Mark your calendars … Performa is scheduled to open in NYC this November. In this week’s Flash Points:  Nicole Caruth interviews participating artist Saya Woolfalk.

In this week’s addition to the column Teaching with Contemporary Art, Joe Fusaro highly recommends that we visit exhibition, Circles of Influence at the Clark Institute before it closes September 7th!

MoMA Trumpets Amsterdams’ Role as Hub of Conceptual Art by Hrag Vartanian.

Wesley Miller provides an introduction to Season 5 artist Paul McCarthy.

But what if those enemies, just outside the door, came armed with Bach and Mozart and Caravaggio and Goethe? What is the relationship between artistic greatness and democratic inclusiveness?  Quinn Latimer asks that and other provocative questions in her response to a recent New York Times article by Michael Kimmelman.

Paul McCarthy is described as a pulsing ID.  Read this interview with McCarthy by Benjamin Weisman in this weeks BOMB in the Building.

Check out the newest Art21 column dedicated to all things food! (I’m lovin it!) Gastro-Vision: Aesthetics in Urban Farming, Part I by Nicole Caruth.

And the latest Art21 Exclusive: Artist Joyce Pensato discusses her experiences appearing as a performer in Oliver Herring’s videos.